NEW ERA | CBD Booster Tube SYRUP | 80Mg

NEW ERA | CBD Booster Tube SYRUP | 80Mg

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New Era CBD Booster Tube Shots are a non-sweetened sugar-free additive that can be mixed with your favourite cold drinks to give a tasty, fruity, CBD infused beverage.

Using only the highest quality ingredients, New Era Wellness strive to create the tastiest and most enjoyable ways to effectively bring CBD into your everyday wellness routine.

All New Era’s CBD Boosters use non-GMO, organic ingredients, including the full spectrum CBD which is extracted using only the cleanest and most efficient critical CO2 fluid extract technology. Available in a variety of tasty fruity flavours, New Era Booster is an all natural and environmentally conscious supplement which you can enjoy each and every day.

Every Tube Shot of New Era CBD Booster contains 80mg of full spectrum CBD along with all it’s associated terpenes, fatty acids and waxes which help contribute to the ‘entourage’ effect and improve the bioavailability and, therefore, make it much more effective than products which simply use CBD isolate.

Recommended dosages of CBD vary but for someone of average size it would most likely be somewhere between 10ml and 25ml of CBD per day meaning a bottle of New Era Booster could last anywhere from 4-10 servings, making it not only great tasting, but also great value.

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